Tata Young

tata young

Tata Young is a Thai singer, model and actress. After becoming a Thai superstar in her early teens, she became an international success with the release of her first English-language album I Believe in 2004. She remains one of the most popular performers in Thailand, and is a perennial "favorite" pick by magazines and music-video channels.

Tata Young - I Believe

Jennifer Love Hewitt - The Ghost Whisperer

Jennifer Love Hewitt is an American actress, voice actress, and singer-songwriter. Hewitt began her acting career as a child by appearing in television commercials and the Disney Channel series Kids Incorporated. Hewitt's physical appearance has been the subject of much media attention throughout her career, having been lauded as one of the most attractive women in the entertainment industry by publications such as Maxim, which named her the sexiest woman in the world in 1999 and TV Guide, which named her the sexiest woman on television in 2008.

Watch this nice video from Jennifer in 'Heart Breakers'.

Mariah Carey - Obsessed

Let's listen to Mariah Carey's new single called "Obsessed". The song claimed that someone is "Obsessed" with her. Guess who ?

Christina McKinney - Ashley Jensen

Ashley Jensen

If you watched the ABC comedy 'Ugly Betty', then you probably know who is Christina McKinney. She is one of Betty's true friend. In 2006, Ashley Jensen appeared as Christina McKinney in the show. Jensen is an Emmy Award-nominated Scottish actress, best known for her roles in Extras and Ugly Betty.